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Over the past few decades, interest in cycling has grown tremendously. As a result, more communities are increasing their efforts to encourage automobile drivers to “Share the Road” with bicyclists. Sometimes, however, despite a cyclist’s best efforts to safely operate his/her bicycle on a roadway, he or she can suffer injuries due to the negligence of another driver.

Dangers of Bike Riding in the United States

Because cyclists are greatly exposed more than motorists, cyclists generally suffer much greater injuries in collisions.  A biking accident often results in serious injury or even death in some cases.  In 2012, 726 people were killed in bicycle vs motor vehicle crashes—that’s almost two people a day in the United States. These bicycling fatalities made up 2% of all traffic deaths.  For more information regarding bicycle accidents in Lake County, Illinois and in the Chicago area, visit the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration website at

3 Steps To Take When In a Bicycle Accident in Illinois

  • For your medical problems, see a doctor as soon as possible. An injury can be underestimated. You may feel okay and uninjured now, but some injuries, especially the neck, back and head injuries, can become quite painful and debilitating in the long-term.
  • Please do not talk to anyone about the accident other than law enforcement personnel. Remember that anything you say to an insurance company representative or investigator will make it harder for you to settle your claim. It is also a smart idea not to sign anything, especially any kind of release form, without talking to an attorney first. This is just a quick and smart way for you to protect yourself.
  • Get as much information as you can at the accident. These key items include the names, numbers and addresses of all the people involved, including witnesses who were at the scene. You will also need to keep record of the insurance information and the reporting process. Make copies of this information.

Libertyville Bicycle Accident Lawyers

The Law Offices of John Borcia is familiar with bicycle accident claims and accident claims and will work hard to provide you with the best representation. We have represented clients with serious personal injuries for more than 20 years and we have received the high ratings from our clients and other attorneys.

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